Sunday, July 31, 2005

Future Headlines - Part 8

New York Bomb was Domestic

(AP) Philadelphia, PA – March 18, 2008

____________________________, a consultant for the team investigating the terrorist bombing of New York City on September 11, 2006, and a former CIA operative revealed today that analysis of the blast pattern, debris and trace element analysis confirms that the bomb was almost certainly created in the United States and definitely used the missing weapons grade nuclear material that was stolen from a Defense Installation in April of 2006. During a press conference held by the investigation team, _____________ disclosed that evidence from the site revealed a bomb design that was very similar to designs developed over a decade ago by the CIA. “The implications are very disturbing,” the consultant continued, “the revelation of infiltration at a high level security Defense facility, and now evidence of a weapon designer with a background in U.S. Intelligence, suggests a domestic terrorist group that is highly connected and extremely well funded.”

Reaction was swift across the nation. Leaders of both houses of Congress immediately called for hearings into the security lapses and for an in depth investigation into domestic terrorist groups and their activities. Calls for reform of American Intelligence agencies and departments were made by numerous Washington politicians. A spokesman for the Whitehouse however, urged the American people to remain calm. “The President has asked the leaders of Congress to help him assemble a working committee to begin planning appropriate counter terrorism measures to combat the rise of domestic terrorism in the nation. But he also wants to assure the American people that measures taken since the New York bombing have significantly increased domestic security, and he hopes that the citizens of this great country will demonstrate to the terrorists that America will not be held hostage by their cowardly acts. President Bush urges his fellow citizens to continue to live their lives normally, though with the heightened sense of awareness that his administration has been advocating for some time now.” The President is expected to reinforce those words during a nationally televised press conference tonight at 8 p.m….

Santorum, Edwards, Likely Nominees for President

(AP) Philadelphia, PA – March 18, 2008

After early wins in critical primaries, including the Pennsylvania primary last week, polls indicate that Senator Rick Santorum, and former Senator and Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards will easily wrap up their party nominations for the highest office in the nation. Current polls give Santorum a wide margin in such a pairing. A recent Gallup poll revealed Santorum would beat Edwards in a Presidential election with 59% of poll responders saying they would vote for Santorum, compared with only 32% for Edwards. Even with 9% of voters saying they were undecided, the poll indicates Santorum to be a heavily favored front runner….

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At 6:26 AM, Blogger Herge Smith said...

"and he hopes that the citizens of this great country will demonstrate to the terrorists that America will not be held hostage by their cowardly acts"

Blimey, heard that alot recently.

A poll from last week revealed that atleast 33% of those polled believe that the attacks on London on 7/7 were linked to the UKs involvement in the Iraq and a further 30% feel that Blair is partly to blame.

When will the other 2/3rds wake up?

'Cause you know your dark future fantasy is being monitored and, if this happens you will probably be burnt at the stake for being a witch.

That's where America is heading.

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Faltanus said...

yep - that seems to be the standard message, doesn't it? that and "go on with your normal daily lives, but be vigilant." we hear that a lot here in the states. i have no idea what the hell it means.


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