Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sure To Be A Hit

Here is an idea for a movie script. A man and a woman (initially strangers) are thrown alone together, basically by accident, in a remote place on earth. So they're basicall isolated from the rest of the world. As time goes by, the woman develops an emotional attraction to the man (despite the fact that he is basically cold, aloof, and emotionally unavailable) and the man, naturally, becomes horny. So one night the man semi rapes the woman. Oh it isn't full out rape, because the woman, desiring the emotional bond is consenting, but the man is clearly in it just for the physical release, shows absolutely no affection, is rough in his technique, show no concern for his partner's pleasure, and rolls over and goes to sleep after. The next day, the man disavows the entire thing and lets the woman know it didn't mean anything and that nothing is going to come of it. Not wanting to alienate the man, the woman goes along with it. But of course the man gets horny again and sex happens again, and again and again. Finally events conspire to release our main characters from each other and they go their separate ways to live separate lives (both get married to other people and have children). Except the woman, not able to get this man out of her head, gets in contact with him and they start an affair. It's completely one sided. The man gets free sex and the woman gets emotionally abused over and over and over again. The man is a complete asshole and the woman is a coward who can't break free from the stranglehold emotional bonds the man has placed her in. This goes on for 20 years until finally....

Well I can't tell you that part because it might spoil the ending of this real winner of a movie. I mean the concept has blockbuster written all over it, doesn't it? Oh yeah, Golden Globe and Oscar winner for sure right? Or does this sound like a heaping load of stinking shit? It sounds really horrible - doesn't it? Who the hell would go to see such a movie? And wouldn't any respectable person who did go to see it be really offended by it?

O.K. now, in the first paragraph, replace every instance of the word "woman" with "other man" and you get an accurate synopsis of Brokeback Mountain that "epic cinematic masterpiece" getting all kinds of praise and awards and great reviews. What a load of crap! I can't even begin to tell you how angry this movie made me and how offensive I found it. This movie is not a love story, it's a movie about a dysfunctional and abusive relationship, that, like most dysfunctional and abusive relationships, ends badly. But worse, there is nothing redeeming in the film. The characters are not likeable (one is weak, and one is just a complete asshole), the events don't provide for redemption of either character, and basically the circumstances of both characters just get worse and worse and worse until....well until the movie ends. And that's it. Things start out badly and proceed to turn into a complete train wreck.

Great, now movies can tell the story of a closeted gay man and the abusive relationship he endures with a man who is so completely fucked up in the head that you can't even call him closeted. He's just abusive and emotionally closed to every person in his life. He's not straight, not gay, not bisexual; he is just a complete asshole. Yeah, this is real progress forward. What ever.


At 7:07 PM, Anonymous bets said...

I just love reading your stuff (but now will probably not RUN to see the movie), and this is just a little suggestion from your feminist best friend. . . Did you consider making the "woman" the asshole, instead of the "weak" one? :)

At 6:56 AM, Blogger Faltanus said...

i'll tell you why bets....because THAT little twist just might actually make for an interesting movie. i certainly can't remember it ever being done before.


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