Thursday, February 01, 2007

Welcome Petie!

She was born November 11, 2006 and we adopted her when she was 6 weeks old. She is an American Bull Dog - more commonly known as a pit-bull. Don't believe what you hear; yes, they're extremely strong, powerful dogs, but they have to be trained to be aggressive. We already had an 11 year old pit bull named Zena. Hands down, the best dog I've ever had. Affectionate, loyal, sweet tempered, very protective. I can tell you right now, I have never felt the slightest bit unsafe when walking her around the block at night to do her business before bed, and I don't live in the best neighborhood in town.

So now we've got Petie. Know why we named her Petie (well, really, Ron named her Petie - it wouldn't have been my first choice)? Think for a bit - it will come to you.

She's so cute! And she's smart too. She's only 12 weeks old now, but so attentive. She will sit on the floor watching me or Ron or Zena or one of the cats so closely - studying us, and taking everything in. I love the way she cocks her head to one side when I speak to her. Her face is so expressive.

Zena isn't thrilled to have a new dog in the house. We were hoping that Petie would bring out the maternal instinct in Zena. Instead she's just annoyed. Ah, well. We've made it clear to Zena, that Petie isn't going anywhere and so must be tolerated. Zena's an old lady now - she has no patience and no interest in sharing her space with another dog. She has always tolerated the cats pretty well, but that's mostly because they leave her alone. Petie pretty much wants to play all the time - biting Zena's ears and tail and neck and so on. Zena just growls softly (for the most part) and looks up at us with doleful eyes. Well, I said for the most part. When she gets really tired of it, she growls louder and then snaps at Petie. We keep them apart as much of the time as possible - particularly at meal time. Zena's always been real protective of her food - she doesn't share with anyone.

So enjoy the pics. Feel free to download them and make them the wall paper on your computers etc....well, edit me out - you don't want my picture. Petie is the cute one. Cute??? Please, she is the cutest puppy that ever existed in all of history. How can you resist?


At 10:24 PM, Blogger ChrisChris said...

Good to see you!

I am happy about your puppy. I love pitbulls, even though they are rotten little devils. I was at a party about 6 years ago when I saw a pitbull attack another dog right in front of me. I thought I was going to die! I am sure yours wont be anything like that. :)

Sound like you are doing well.



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