Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Future Headlines - Part 1

Polls Take Dramatic Turn After Devastating Terror Attack

(AP) Washington, DC - September 27, 2006

Two weeks after terrorists detonated a small nuclear device in the harbor of New York City public opinion polls and polls in congressional and senatorial races across the nation have swung significantly in the favor of Republican candidates. When asked, “Do you approve of the manner in which President Bush has handled the recent terrorist attacks and subsequent national crisis?” Forty-nine percent responded that they strongly approve, and 27 percent responded that they approve of Bush’s performance. When asked, “Who do you believe is better able to handle this crisis and future terrorist threats, the Republicans or the Democrats?” An overwhelming 71 percent responded that the Republican Party was better equipped to deal with terrorism in this country. These opinions are reflected in polls taken this week in political races across the nation. Even in many races where the Democratic incumbent was an overwhelming favorite to be re-elected to office have become real contests with Republican candidates receiving a huge boost in the polls….

Political analysts say that one significant reason for this shift in opinion may be President Bush’s national address last Thursday night in which he strongly and openly urged voters to support Republican candidates in the upcoming election stating, “the voters in this country now have the opportunity to make a real statement to the terrorists. Voters must stand up and say, ‘we’re not going to take it any more!’” Democrats have been slow to respond to accusations that they have no plan to fight terrorism in this country and that they lack the will to take the tough steps necessary to protect this country and ensure the safety of its citizens….

Although no terrorist group has yet stepped forward to take responsibility for the September 11th attack, President Bush suggested that intelligence gathered by national and international agencies and his National Security advisors agree that the attack must be the work of a well organized and well funded terrorist group, suggesting Al-Qaeda or a related splinter group of that organization is most like responsible….


At 2:43 AM, Blogger Herge Smith said...

Scary... and likely the way your man is going about things.

Question: Why'd you choose the New York harbour docks? - I only ask because there was a docu-drama made about 15 years ago called final bulletin which was about the same thing - I remember it scared the shit out of me.

And, why'd you choose my birthday for the attack?

Your President has taken the good will of the nation following Sept 11 and used it justify everthing he does... I read today that he sited 911 5 times during a speech about Iraq - How are the two even connected???

Good post.

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Faltanus said...

Most experts agree that the most likely way for terrorists to get a nuclear device into this country is aboard a container ship and hundreds if not thousands of containers are unloaded in New York each day. And of course this country goes a little nuts each year now on September 11th, kind of expecting terrorists to make an "anniversary" strike.


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