Monday, September 12, 2005

A Real Shocker

In the aftermath of Katrina, there is a huge amount of clean-up and reconstruction to be done. While the nation's economy took a massive hit from Katrina, many experts are now saying that the work involved in cleaning up, restoring and rebuilding will actually boost the economy in the long run. There will be thousands of jobs created and millions of dollars pumped into the economy from reconstruction efforts. Some of the early, profitable restoration contracts have already been awarded and you will never guess who is getting them.

I know this will come as a terrible shock and surprise to you all, but the winners are.....Bush's cronies and colleagues! Bush's campaign manager - big winner. Halliburton? Right there in the profit pool. Check out this article at CNN money. Well, at least we can be comforted to know that the Bush administration is consistent in this as it has been in the past. Some things never change.


At 7:05 AM, Blogger Humour and last laugh said...


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Herge Smith said...

It's never bad news if you're Halliburton.

Now, let me think, who is the only other character in Western literature and religion that profits greatly from death, destruction, sorrow, war and disaster....?

Oh yes, the devil.


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