Friday, May 05, 2006

KK vs. GZ - The Answers

The correct answers:

- Despite what the movie shows, Godzilla wins this battle hands down. He's a dinosaur for goodness sakes!

- I DO love chocolate chip cookies, but honestly, a really good oatmeal raisin cookie may be one of the most glorious foods ever created.

- You can always put on more layers of clothes when you're cold, but once you're naked, what can you do? plus getting naked means sunburn all over, and who wants that? the wind swept ice-scape beats the wind swept sand dunes hands down.

- As if this was even a contest. Coke. Period. End of discussion.

- Lion vs. Tiger is a tough one, but ultimately I've got to go with Tiger. There's just something about them. Plus in the wild, lions are a lot lazier than tigers.

- I do like white chocolate, but white chocolate is better when its had on an occasional basis - like special events. You don't want white chocolate all the time. When it comes to chocolate bunnies, well you only have them once a year, so that's a special event. So I've got to go with the white chocolate bunny.

- DUH! Saturn. It doesn't matter that Jupiter is bigger and has the giant red spot, Saturn has those spectacular rings and way more interesting moons.

- Superman - he's super.

- Hurricane. Yes, a tornado packs more destructive force, but Hurricanes are huge and last a whole lot longer. As natural disasters go, they're way more interesting.

And Adam - I love them both, but in the contest

I've got to go with Where the Wild Things Are. That was a work of sheer genius.

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