Friday, February 23, 2007

Word of the Day

I am addicted to web boggle, and I've gotten pretty good at it. I almost always break into the top 20 scores each round and from time to time I get into the top 10. Unfortunately, an addiction to web boggle is a very bad thing right now, because the server is almost never working these days. The guy who manages the site is, by his own admission, too busy to properly manage the server and programming.

Anyway, the server was working pretty well today so I got to play a bunch of games. At the end of the game, the program puts up a list of all the possible words that could have been found within the boggle grid. It actually posts this as 2 lists - one being a list of all the words that you didn't find, but that other players did find, and the second being a list of the words that no one was able to find. Generally the words in that second list look like complete gibberish, because they are words that know one has ever seen before, and in fact I'm pretty sure they aren't really words at all.

But today's word comes from the list of words that I didn't find on the board, but apparently at least one player DID find. That word is AROYNT. The definition?

aroynt - (v.) a variation of aroint. what the hell does AROINT mean? Never heard of that word either.

aroint - (v. imperative; obsolete) be gone. as in "aroint ye beggar!" [uh huh - sure]

yeah....apparently it was a real popular word in 1610. I'm guessing it fell out of favor just a few years later.

So my question is, how the hell was there a boggle player out there who knew this word. And not just this word, but its variation - aroynt. W H A T E V E R....freak!


At 7:31 AM, Blogger Vitamin_hate said...

im thinking alot of the gamers play 'hit or miss" they type a bunch of words that mights SOUND like words wether they know them or not. then, when they get a hit, they remember that word for next time, cuz it seems like there are only about 10 different combinations (or less) of the boggle board. after awhile, you get familiar with the combinations.
just study those lists...


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