Tuesday, June 12, 2007

They Keep Going and Going and Going

I was looking back at some old posts that I had done, and I came across a post I made in September of 2005. It was about the Mars rovers - the little robots that NASA landed on Mars in January of 2004. The thing is, when I re-read that post I realized that I hadn't heard anything about the rovers in quite some time, and I wondered if they had finally died. The rovers were designed to fulfill 90 day missions on Mars. By the time I made my post in 9/05, they had lasted for more 500 days - extraordinary. So I figured, here it is, June of 2007, surely they must have finally been done in by the harsh conditions on Mars. I did a quick google search and found NASA's rover home page and was astonished and delighted to discover that, in fact, the little rovers are still going strong and making remarkable discoveries.

Go Spirit and Opportunity - keep on chugging!


At 7:25 AM, Blogger Vitamin_hate said...

interesting. like many technological items, there was a lot of hype when these little guys were released, but as soon as the initial excitement about them faded, we heard no further news of them. im glad they are still going strong.


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