Friday, July 01, 2005

Future Headlines - Part 3

Assassination of Supreme Court Justices Shocks the Nation

(AP) Washington, DC - December 22, 2006

In what security experts are calling a highly sophisticated and coordinated act, two Associate Justices of the Supreme Court were assassinated last night in suicide car bombings similar to those so frequently committed by terrorists in foreign lands. The car bombings occurred almost simultaneously at approximately 9:00 p.m. last night, and both Justices were killed immediately.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was on her way home from a private dinner party when a car ran into the vehicle she was traveling and detonated on impact. A witness at the scene reported seeing a non-descript black sedan race through a red light and hit the car in the intersection. In a similar scene just miles away, Justice Stephen G. Breyer was killed when a car slammed into a parked limousine he had just entered after leaving a posh Georgetown restaurant where he had been dining with friends. Two innocent bystanders were also killed the explosion, and several others were wounded. One witness described the scene as “the kind of thing you would see on an evening news broadcast of a terrorist attack over in the Middle-East or something.”

With their deaths comes the silencing of two of the most liberal voices on the Supreme Court of the United States. When asked, at a White House news briefing, about possible nominees to replace these justices, a White House spokesperson simply replied, “the President, and the nation as a whole is still in shock and mourning over the untimely deaths of these two great Americans. It would be inappropriate at this time to begin talking about or even considering how we will replace these two voices on the highest court. The President believes the nation must focus its attention finding the terrorists responsible for these vicious and brutal crimes and seeing to it that they are swiftly brought to justice.”

Computer Simulation Sheds Doubt on 9/11/06 Theory

(AP) Philadelphia, PA - December 22, 2006

Stressing that their work was preliminary and still subject to further analysis, scientists working with the independent commission investigating the 9/11/06 bombing of New York Harbor released some initial findings today that shed some doubt on the prevailing theory that the nuclear device was housed in a container on a ship registered to the nation of Yemen which had arrived at the docks just that morning. Dr. Joseph Parofsky, one of the scientists leading the investigation revealed today that residual analysis of debris at the scene and a sophisticated computer simulation replicating the situation at the docks that morning seem to indicate that detonation could not have occurred on the Yemeni ship as previously thought. Based on the computer simulation, other ships docked near the Yemeni ship and open water behind the ship would have resulted in a significantly different shock wave pattern than the one exhibited by the actual blast. Rather the simulation suggested that the detonation must have occurred hundreds of yards from the open docks….

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