Thursday, August 04, 2005

Future Headlines - Part 9

VP’s Aide Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

(AP) Washington, DC – April 14, 2008

____________________________, a Senior Aide working for Vice President Dick Cheney was found dead in his Georgetown home, late last night. According to the police report, __________’s wife came home last night after attending an evening business meeting and found her husband dead in his study, from a gun shot to his head. The police report went on to say that a gun was found on the floor next to the man, and a brief note was found on the man’s desk. The contents of the note, however, were not disclosed.

Commenting at an early morning press conference, the Vice President expressed his great sorrow over the death of a man he referred to as a friend and valued advisor. ______________ had begun working for the Vice President during the 2000 Presidential campaign. The Vice President did comment that he knew the man was undergoing considerable personal difficulty, and that in the past few weeks he had exhibited some behaviors at work that lead the Vice President to believe he might be suffering from depression. “I urged _______________ to seek counseling or professional help of some kind. But I had no idea the depression had grown so severe.” Vice President Cheney said. Cheney implied that the man’s mood change may have stemmed from difficulties in his marriage. _______________’s wife was unavailable for comment….

Supreme Court Assassinations Linked to NYC Bombing?

(AP) Washington, DC – April 14, 2008

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a former investigator in the case of the 2006 assassinations of two Supreme Court justices revealed today that the panel investigating the crimes had concluded that the methods employed in the assassinations were strikingly similar to methods developed by the CIA. The anonymous source said he was coming forth with this information after reading a report by the team investigating the 9/11 bombing in New York City which revealed that the bomb design appeared to be based on designs developed by the CIA during the late 90’s. “It seemed to be too close to be a coincidence,” the anonymous investigator told a reporter from the Washington Post, “and it scared me. If these two crimes are linked some how, if the same the group planned both acts, well, the implications are deeply disturbing.”

A Whitehouse spokesperson quickly dismissed the connection saying, “to date the President has seen no reports, no evidence, linking these two acts of terrorism. He has complete confidence in the bipartisan commission assembled by Congress to investigate the current state of domestic terrorism in this country, and sort out all the unanswered questions in these cases….”

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