Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Saved by the Television

At last, something to talk about! So if you have been paying any attention to US network television this year as we head into "season premier" season you have noticed that each of the major networks is offering something either in the paranormal realm or alien encounter realm. Some of the networks are offering both. I like some of the paranormal shows out there. Patricia Arquette is good in "Medium" and I watch it if I have nothing better to do on Monday nights. But I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of the show. But I do thoroughly enjoy a good alien invasion/encounter story. So I've been looking forward to this season. The three major offerings this season (in order of their premiers) are "Threshold" from CBS, "Surface" from NBC and "Invasion" from ABC. "Threshold" premiered on Sunday night, but I was away camping again, so I TiVO'd it. "Surface" premiered last night. So I got a double dose of aliens by watching the recorded premier of "Threshold" right before "Surface" came on. All I can say is WOW. If ABC's offering (premiering tonight) is as good as the other 2, I'm gonna be a serious television junkie this year. Both "Threshold" and "Surface" premiers were quite good. Good writing, gripping stories, and interesting characters. "Threshold"'s characters are really the selling point of the CBS show, while the story developing on "Surface" is its best feature.

Of course the problem now is, how long will they last? It's a fact that about half the new offerings from the networks at the beginning of the season don't make it to the end of the season. Networks need ratings, and the shows that aren't earning them get pulled real fast. Well, one can only hope that these intelligent and well crafted shows will attract the viewers and stick around for a while. My only concern is how much of a couch potato I'm in danger of becoming!


At 1:27 PM, Blogger garfer said...

Keep us posted Faltunus. The good shows usually make it across the pond at some point. It would be nice to have a sneak preview of what to expect.


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