Monday, October 03, 2005

I'll Spread the Dirt

I'm not much of one for rumors, but I'll gladly help spread this one. It seems that that most esteemed paper of American Journalism, the National Enquirer, is reporting that President George W. Bush has fallen off the wagon. I had heard this rumor a few days earlier connected to the strange events surrounding Michael Brown, the former director of FEMA. Michael Brown was very much identified by the Bush administration as a scape goat for the complete Federal failure in response to hurricane Katrina. Days after the disaster Brown was removed as the coordinator of the relief efforts, and few days later Michael Brown resigned as director of FEMA. Now Brown was a controversial appointment from the start, he had absolutely no experience with disaster relief, or with management of such a large organization. So when the "big one" hit, it was no real surprise to anyone that he completely bungled the response. Now one would probably think then, that with Brown's resignation, the Bush administration would dust off it's hands and say, "good riddance." But just days after resigning from FEMA, he was rehired by the agency as a highly paid "consultant"! This led many to question what it was that Brown might know that he could hold over the administration to get this job. And the answer that numerous bloggers and commentators have come up with is that Brown has knowledge of Bush returning to the drink.

So here's the deal, I haven't seen solid evidence of either of these two things - either that Bush is drinking again, or that Brown is somehow extorting the administration to keep a cushy, well paying government job, but I'm not above stirring the pot and fueling the rumor mill on this one. This administration deserves it.


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